Thursday, 13 June 2013

the first of many

...of summer cycle rides, that is.

Before a trip to the nearby nature trail, we cycled to the park with a sandy beach by the river to lie about and catch some sun and taste some summery flavours. We try to avoid milky stuff so it's either ice lollies or chilled fruit for us instead of ice cream.

The local nature trail is humble but very pretty, with a clean breathing forest and all the beauty of nature you can wish for 15 minutes away from town. The weathered wooden path at some point spurred me to trot my fully thrifted summer look as if on a catwalk.

We carried on down to the river, to cross it by cable ferry. Never been on one of those before, it was simple but great. I'd like to go back again when the waterlilies are blooming. There's a lot of (for us) unexplored pretty places around this town, gotta go explore while the weather is good!


  1. This looks really nice there with the little path. And I really like your new old bike.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. :) we have been trying to guess why exactly the plank path have been put there - marsh area with the river flooding sometimes? protecting the surrounding plants? leaving the sleeping mosquitos undisturbed? probably for all those reasons.

  2. love the summer look and particularly the headscarf, nice on you lovely lady! it's so not summer here and your post makes me want it back!

    1. thank you Louise! it's my new favourite thing to tie a scarf around my hair. summers are short and precious, it's really spurring us to make the most of a warm sunny day. i have no idea how people live in lapland where there'snot a lot of warmth in the summer and it's about a month long.... i hope the stormy conditions did not do any damages and if anything just inspired your artistic soul x


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